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Marketer is serving in the domain of search engine optimization services for the past 5 years. Our experience in SEO helps businesses to get top rank for most competitive keywords. We provide affordable SEO services in Delhi that bring traffic, sales, and values to your website.

Get your website on top rank with the best SEO services in Delhi

Our team at the SEO agency in Delhi works to maximize the organic visibility of your professional website. Ultimately the increase in visibility will bring in more sales and visitors. Following the white label SEO strategy, we assure a high success rate and higher ROIs.

Our SEO services Delhi make your website reach the masses, searching for your kind of products and services.

seo services in delhi

But what is this SEO, all are hearing for a while now?

SEO or search engine optimization is a segment of digital marketing services; where SEO companies like us promote your website in such a manner that search engines get tempted to rank your website on top of the search results for competitive keywords.

We are living in a digital jungle where only the smart one can survive. Businesses need to understand the right kind of promotional strategies to invest in. A website is just an online representation of your business, but adding SEO in your marketing plan will leverage the website’s potential to rank on SERPs (search engine result page) and bring your genuine customers and buyers organically.

Are you ready to grow online traffic? Choose a top-rated SEO service agency in Delhi!

Every purchase which is happening online starts with a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. And the website which is ranking on top of the search results is going to pluck all the fruits of attracting visitors. Studies show that 90 percent of the search made online visits only the top three results. Whereas only 8 % of searches go past page one of the search result page.

Think how much benefit your business will receive if you can achieve the top spots. More organic visitors and traffic is the very first one of the. Further, a huge number of visitors can be converted to potential buyers of your services and products

Should we use search engine marketing or search engine optimization services?

Investing in search engine marketing (SEM) is not easy for all businesses, because they may have a limited budget to invest. Hence organic search engine optimization is the best way to generate awareness rather than investing too much in search engine marketing.

With the above-given facts, we hope as a business owner you realize how important it is for you to invest in SEO.

The next query which may arise in your mind regarding SEO services in Delhi is;

Why hire Marketer and what results can we expect?

Hiring Marketer as your Delhi SEO agency partner will do lots of good, as we are a team of highly qualified SEO engineers. We work as per the given SEO guidelines of Google to make your website perfect for receiving search ranking. In SEO, rankings can be volatile depending on the niche of the business. But we work with vast SEO experience and long-term impactful strategy, that will help you gain more inquires from search queries.

Returns one can expect from our SEO packages in Delhi:

  • Higher Keyword Ranking
  • More Number of Organic Visitors
  • Better Click Through Ratio
  • Enhance the number of conversions
  • Overtaking the competitors
  • Generating More Number of Sales

Benefits of partnering with the best SEO Company in Delhi

Increase in organic traffic

A website is only valuable until it is generating traffic and gets visitors. There are millions of sites out in the web world which no one visits, and they are of no value for anyone. But if you want your business site to survive the challenges of the online world, our affordable SEO packages in Delhi can help.

Better brand building opportunity

Whether you are a small business or a big corporate, if your brand is not getting recognized then you must be losing opportunities. Our SEO services in Delhi are going to help you with powerful SEO campaigns for brand awareness. We improve your website visibility by targeting the right audience.

Turns your website into a lead magnet

SEO is not only about getting higher ranks for certain keywords. The main purpose of SEO is to bring in leads and convert them into real customers. Using different channels to promote your website our SEO marketers will make your website a lead magnet which attracts audiences online.

A lower investment than paid marketing

Paid advertisements are very costly because PPC (pay per click services) or SEM (search engine marketing services) charges are higher whereas the capacity of lead generation is lower. Why pay lakh of rupees just for getting clicks on temporary positions; when you can invest the same amount in SEO for making your website stronger and get a stable ranking.

Our SEO services in Delhi include:

To succeed in the ranking and help our clients overcome their competitor positions; we follow a certain set of SEO services which includes:

SEO Audit

Marketer is a medic of website ranking. Only technically sound experts perform SEO Audits on your website. SEO audit helps them to find any error on the website that is creating a negative SEO impact. Further, a thorough SEO audit and checks also help in planning the future course of SEO tasks.

On-Page SEO

We analyze the complete website structure to determine elements that are giving negative impact; further, we fix all the on-page issues to make your website reliable for Google Crawl. Our on-page SEO services make a website error-free and more search-friendly.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO experts present in Marketer follow all the guidelines (BERT, EAT, Penguin, etc) of Google search updates to perform any relevant activities. Further, we work with multiple sites and bring more authority to our client website.

Link Building

We adopt a natural link-building strategy, and breed links that matter to your website. Our link building services offer quality links from reputable sources that add to SEO values. We never follow any grey hat techniques and only work with a long-term relationship-building strategy.

Local SEO services for businesses in Delhi

If your business serves only in the local market of Delhi and nearby regions like Delhi NCR or Gurugram; why not get ranked for local search terms and get more local customers. Since the target area and competition reduces in local SEO services, so are our SEO services pricing in Delhi for local businesses.

Here are some local businesses that can take our low-cost SEO services in Delhi

SEO services for local eStores in Delhi

A product-based business cannot survive the competitive market without an eCommerce website. At the same time, your eCommerce website cannot survive the online competition without having eCommerce SEO services. Our local SEO marketers help increase traffic on your eStore as well as your local store (physical).

SEO services for travel agencies in Delhi

The tours and travel industry is one of the prime businesses in Delhi, whether it’s Red Fort or the lotus temple; travelers like to explore Delhi. But to get more online booking your travel agency website needs to be spotted by the travelers whenever they search for it. Our travel agency SEO services will help your website rank and bring more organic visitors.

SEO services for the realtors in Delhi

The real estate business is booming in Delhi and other parts of the country. If you have a real estate business website; then our real estate SEO services will enable your website to get on the search ranking. You will get more online buyers for your properties and you can create more easy deals.

SEO services for restaurants in Delhi

Restaurant and hotel businesses are usually evergreen investments, but because of COVID, they have taken a negative toll. We suggest restaurant businesses go digital because it is true that more people are ordering online rather than visiting a restaurant. Via restaurant SEO services in Delhi, we can make your website and online ordering machine by ranking them on top for food-related key terms.

SEO Services for hotels in Delhi

Getting your hotel website to rank higher on search result pages for local searches can get you more booking. Our hotel SEO services are perfectly equipped to give a boost to your hotel ranking on Google and Bing search results.

SEO services for the educational centers in Delhi

Attracting students and parents toward your coaching institute, learning classes, or school is getting tough because of several reasons. SEO services from Marketer can help in promoting your coaching institute website to enroll more students via online mediums.

SEO  services for healthcare providers in Delhi

Marketer has a team of SEO enthusiasts which are specialized in optimizing clinics, hospitals, or other healthcare websites. Whether you are a dietician, physician, nutritionist, or health blogger, our Healthcare SEO can make your website more popular.

SEO services for gym & fitness centers in Delhi

Are you an owner of a fitness club or a gym in Delhi? Want to increase the number of clients for your gym using your official website? Then Gym website SEO service is the best option for increasing your gym visibility on the internet.

Using local listing we will help you gain more local clients for your gym.

SEO services for Delhi based IT companies

IT companies also need to promote their website, so that customers needing their services can connect with them. Technology-related websites need proper optimization so that they can rank on SERPs.

We help your IT business get more online subscriptions and purchases by ranking the keywords that are relevant to the technologies you are selling.

Marketer provides cheapest SEO packages in Delhi

Since we are in the top 10 SEO agencies in Delhi, doesn’t make our SEO services costly at all. On the other hand, several SEO companies are demanding high prices for SEO services because of the unavailability of good brands working in the SEO industry.

But to make things easy for the business owners in Delhi; Marketer assures you that your brand will achieve greatness at the best price possible. Our agency offers services at a cost-effective and budget-friendly rate. We are having a seasonal discount on SEO services. Avail Them Now!

Not all businesses need premium SEO packages, some can achieve great results at lower cost also. Based on the competition and industry specification of SEO price in Delhi can vary in the range between ₹15,000 to ₹75,000.

Furthermore, we can even lower this price depending on your need. Have customized SEO packages from us, mail us your requirements at, or fill the contact form.

Do you want to know more about our services, then check our digital marketing services in Delhi.

Why Marketer is best for search engine optimization services in Delhi?

Marketer team craft every SEO campaign in Delhi with a data-driven strategy. We not only focus on competitive keyword ranking, but we also put special works to gain more leads with medium tail or long-tail keywords. Further, we know how the modern way of searching is converting to voice command.

Therefore, we also put efforts into voice search optimization so that your product, article, or services can be retrieved using voice searches too.

Some real reasons which compel brands to work with us are:


Spending in our SEO packages, you will have full control over the budget. Further, you will know where the money is going because we never charge extra & prepare an untainted ranking report.

Ethical SEO

Our experts believe in genuine work, we only do ethical SEO, because we believe white label search engine optimization is the best way to achieve ranking which helps in long-term business.

Success Rate

Assuring top ranking may sound tempting. Get rank for relevant keywords to bring in consumers, our success rate is high because we do proper keyword planning for the business.

Frequently asked questions for SEO services in Delhi:

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a segment of digital marketing where the marketer focuses more on ranking the website for certain keywords based on the industry type. Every text which you type in the search bar of search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to get information is known as keywords. The activities involved in SEO are meant to rank a particular website for a particular keyword relevant to the available webpage content.

What is the difference between Organic & Paid SEO?

Organic SEO is a method to rank a website for certain keywords without paying any sum to the search engine brands. Whereas paid SEO or Search Engine Marketing is the method where the website owner pays to Google or any other search engines to book a top slot on search results for certain keyphrases relevant to their business.

If you want easy traffic with more clicks on your particular keyword paid SEO can get the job done. But be sure, that they are not permanent ranking, search engines will only rank you higher till you pay them. However organic SEO is a little slow in comparison to paid SEM, but the ranking will be stable.

How much do SEO services cost in Delhi?

SEO pricking depends on the type of website and competition within the industry. Some SEO agencies may charge ₹40,000 to ₹50,000 for SEO services in Delhi.

Our SEO services pricing in Delhi starts from ₹15,000 which can go up to ₹75,000 per month depending on the type of website. Furthermore, we have special packages for small-scale businesses. Contact us to know the real SEO cost for your website.

Can I get SEO for Offline Business?

If you don’t have a website representing your business online then also you are eligible for SEO. To be more precise, the SEO which focuses on the offline business or location-based market is termed local SEO.

At Marketer, we know that not all business needs a website; all they need is a local listing to target the local customers. With GBP (Google Business Profile) we develop an SEO strategy to promote your business in the local search results for keywords with the prefix of “location” or “near me” keywords.

How much time does it need to rank a website?

This is a tricky question because there is no appropriate time in which one can commit to the ranking of keywords. Some keywords with low competition can rank fast in comparison to highly competitive keywords. We at Marketer Limited suggest our client not to get impatient with keyword ranking.

Business is all about the sale, other than ranking, SEO can bring sales. However, we often take around 3-4 months’ timeframe to rank low-level or third-tier keywords, whereas competitive keywords which are top-level terms, can take up to 6-7 months for ranking.

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