Motion Graphic Design Services

Welcome to Marketer, your resource for bringing your brand and media to life through motion! Our talented team specializes in creating dynamic and visually engaging motion graphics for video, web, presentations, and beyond. Through expertise in animation, VFX, and graphic design, we transform ordinary static graphics into captivating animations that grab attention, improve storytelling, boost memorability, and convey messages creatively. From animated logos and kinetic text to 3D/2D animations, explainers, broadcasts, and interactive media, we conceptualize and produce unique motion design tailored for you. Let us help you reach audiences on a more memorable and impactful sensory level through the power of motion graphics.

Bring Life to Your Brand with Motion Graphics from Marketer

Are you looking to add some visually captivating motion to your videos, animations, logos, broadcasts, and other multimedia? Our talented team at Marketer offers full-service motion graphic design to take your static graphics into exciting new dimensions!

Through expert skills in animation, visual effects, graphic design, typography, and video, we craft high-quality motion graphics that grab attention and effectively communicate your messages. From animated logos and kinetic typography to explainers, broadcasts, and virtual reality, our seasoned motion artists use the latest tools to create unique animations tailored for you.

With rapid prototyping abilities and quick turnaround times, we take projects smoothly from concept to professional delivery. Our custom quotes provide robust value suited to your budget. Bring us your vision and we’ll bring it to life through smooth motions, seamless transitions, and vibrant visual storytelling.

Give your brand, videos, and designs the dynamism and memorability only achievable through motion graphics. Contact Marketer today at [email] to get an affordable quote crafted for your next motion-based project!

motion graphic design services

What is Motion Graphic Design?

Motion graphic design is the art of creating animated visuals and graphics through video, typography, illustrations, and other multimedia elements. This highly creative field blends animation, videography, and graphic design to produce dynamic and visually compelling videos, animations, title sequences, broadcasts, augmented reality experiences, and other motion-based projects.

Skilled motion designers utilize animation and visual effects software like Adobe After Effects to bring movement, energy, and personality to logos, text, graphics, and media. The results tell a story, convey information, entertain, educate, and create memorable viewing experiences.

Businesses in today’s world full of screens can benefit tremendously from professional motion graphic design services. Custom animated videos and graphics help showcase services, explain processes, engage website visitors, promote products in an eye-catching manner, and boost brand recognition. With the power of motion, messages become more memorable and impactful.

Our Motion Graphic Design Services

At Marketer, our seasoned team of motion graphics experts offers customized design services to suit any project and budget. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques to execute your vision with creativity and precision.

Our motion capabilities include:

  • Animated Logos and Idents – We create stunning animated logos, logo reveals, and TV idents to represent your brand in motion.
  • Kinetic Typography Videos – Using carefully timed and arranged textual elements, we design dynamic and poetic typographic videos ideal for your next ad, promo, or social post.
  • 2D & 3D Animation – Our character animations, medical animations, product simulations, and other 2D and 3D animations educate, explain, entertain, and grab viewer attention.
  • Explainer Videos – We produce professional explainer videos to break down your company, product, or service in an easy-to-understand audiovisual format.
  • Broadcast Design – From TV channel packages to on-air graphics, we craft broadcast design assets optimized for television and online video platforms.
  • Title Sequences – Cinematic and intriguing title sequences that introduce your brand, productions, or other video projects.
  • Interactive Media – Leverage motion graphics in cutting-edge interactive formats like augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360° video.
  • Presentations & Infographics – Boost your PowerPoint decks and infographics using our motion design enhancements and animations.

With every motion design project, our goal is to find the right visual language and animated techniques to represent you and share your stories in a dynamic medium that leaves a lasting impression.

Benefits of Our Motion Graphic Services

Choosing Marketer for your motion design needs comes with multiple advantages:

  • Our designers average 15+ years experience specifically in motion graphics, animation, and broadcast design. We know how to make graphics move!
  • Every project receives highly customized and creative direction tailored to your brand, not cookie-cutter templates.
  • Quick turnaround is never an issue thanks to our efficient creative process and rapid prototyping abilities.
  • Our technical capabilities allow us to handle projects of all scopes and complexities with ease.
  • We stay on top of and utilize the latest motion design software, tools, and techniques in our productions.
  • Constant communication ensures your vision comes to life just as you imagined. We also welcome your feedback for revisions.
  • Our pricing is designed to provide robust value, with options fitting all budgets. No hidden fees.

If you need motion-based videos, animations, or graphics designed to maximize aesthetics, storytelling, and branding power, we encourage you to get in touch!

Previous Client Work

Here are a few highlights of previous motion graphic design projects we’ve produced for clients:

Explainer Video for America Lawsuit Loans

We produced a lively 120-second explainer video for America Lawsuit Loans detailing how their lawsuit funding services work. Mixing kinetic typography, simple 2D illustrations, smooth motion design, and an upbeat background score, this spot educates prospective clients on lawsuit loans in an easy-to-grasp and upbeat fashion.

Animated Logo for Summit Inc.

Summit Inc. approached us to transform their static company logo into a dynamic animated version for video use. We delivered a clean 5-second animated logo containing a motion-tracked badge merging seamlessly onto the moving text. This clever multifaceted animation represents the company beautifully.

Augmented Reality Prototype for Vivid Games

Vivid Games enlisted us to create a conceptual prototype previewing the potential of an augmented reality game centered around their brand. The 30-second third-person AR experience displayed responsive motion graphics and HUD elements anchored to real-world surfaces using ARCore technology on an Android device.

Trade Show Opener for California Biotech

For a major trade show exhibit, California Biotech wanted an attention-grabbing animated opener to introduce their presentation. We produced a fast-paced and elaborately designed 30-second opener synchronizing bold graphic elements, glowing text animations, and sound effects to the company’s techno-inspired soundtrack.

3D Medical Animation for GetWell Clinics

To highlight their orthopedic services, GetWell Clinics hired us to develop a 3D medical animation depicting a full knee replacement surgery. Our team researched the intricacies of the procedure then replicated it through highly detailed CG visuals and motion design, bringing this complex surgery to life.

Our Motion Graphic Design Process

At Marketer, we follow a streamlined creative process to take your project from concept to finished product as efficiently as possible:

  • Discovery – We learn about your brand, objectives, target audiences, preferred style, and visual requirements through calls, forms, and meetings.
  • Proposal – You receive a project proposal outlining our recommended creative direction, scope of work, timeline, and budget estimate.
  • Asset Gathering – Our team gathers any existing brand assets, multimedia contents, scripts, and other materials to inform the design process.
  • Storyboarding – Key moments and shots are mapped out visually in storyboard form to align on the overall flow before production.
  • Design & Animation – This main phase includes graphic creation, 2D/3D modeling, animation, visual effects, compositing, and editing until the motion graphics take shape.
  • Music Scoring – We source premium licensed music or our composers create custom scores to complement the animations and drama.
  • Client Reviews – You can review works-in-progress and request reasonable changes until the graphics align with your vision.
  • Delivery – Upon final approval, we export videos in desired formats and provide needed source files for easy integration and distribution.

This streamlined process allows us to take projects from start to finish efficiently, while keeping you involved through each milestone. We welcome a collaborative effort!

Pricing and Project Quotes

Since every motion design project requires a unique set of creative solutions and effort, we provide custom quotes tailored to your specific needs instead of rigid one-size-fits-all packages. Quotes are determined based on aspects such as:

  • Scope of work and deliverables
  • Project length, complexity, and animation techniques required
  • Level of visual polish and detailing
  • Number of revisions/feedback cycles needed
  • Usage rights and licensing needs

We believe this customizable quote approach helps us assign fair and competitive pricing to each individual motion graphics project, small or large. There are no hidden fees.

Contact us today to describe your project needs and desired outcomes, and we will respond promptly with a personalized quote outlining what it would take to complete it. We also offer hourly consulting starting at $99/hour.

Let’s Bring Your Visuals to Life with Motion!

Motion graphic design takes static graphic elements into exciting new dimensions through calculated movement, timing, and transitions. This opens new creative doors for branding, advertising, explaining complex topics, grabbing attention, and leaving a lasting impact.

Our team has over 15 years of experience designing and animating motion graphics that tell captivating stories and convey messages clearly and memorably. We would love to collaborate with you on your next video project, brand asset, or interactive content using our expertise in this highly stimulating medium.

To get started with a quote for custom motion graphic services from Marketer, reach out to us at [] or [fill the form]. We look forward to bringing vibrance and motion to your next project!

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