Law Firm Digital Marketing Services

If you run a law firm, investing in professional digital marketing services is essential for attracting clients and growing your business in the modern internet-driven world. Marketer Limited offers sophisticated digital marketing solutions designed specifically to help law firms like yours expand their online visibility, reach more prospective clients, and increase profitability.

With Marketer Limited’s proven legal digital marketing services, we can put our expertise to work creating and executing a customized digital marketing strategy for your law firm.

digital marketing agency for law firms

Our Law Firm Digital Marketing Services Includes:

Website Design and SEO

A well-designed, search engine optimized website is the cornerstone of any effective law firm digital marketing strategy. Marketer Limited specializes in creating sleek yet user-friendly websites for law firms that establish credibility and convert site visitors into leads. We optimize every aspect of your website for higher local rankings on Google and Bing. This includes keyword research and targeting, semantic SEO, optimizing page speed, enhancing mobile user experience, and incorporating your NAP citations consistently. We also provide ongoing content creation services to keep your site’s content fresh and engaging.

Social Media Marketing

Harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is essential for law firms aiming to attract clients through social channels. Marketer Limited’s social media marketing services for legal clients encompass:

  • Setting up and optimizing your law firm’s social media profiles
  • Crafting and managing engaging social media content like updates, images, videos, and ads
  • Monitoring reviews and social media mentions
  • Running targeted social media advertising campaigns
  • Reporting on key social media metrics and ROI

Reputation Management

Managing your law firm’s online reputation is vital in the digital age. Marketer Limited provides specialized online reputation management for law firms that proactively monitors and shapes how your business is perceived across the web. This includes:

  • Securing and optimizing online profiles on lawyer directories and review sites
  • Publishing positive testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Promoting media coverage and attorney awards
  • Responding promptly to negative reviews
  • Pushing down unwanted search results
  • Ongoing monitoring of all online mentions

Video Marketing

Video continues to grow in popularity across digital platforms. Our video marketing services help law firms maximize this important medium through compelling legal and testimonial videos as well as YouTube advertising. We handle scripting, production, editing, hosting, and promotion of all videos for our legal clients.

PPC Advertising

Well-managed Google Ads and Bing Ads PPC campaigns can deliver a strong return on ad spend for law firms seeking to drive traffic from search engines. Marketer Limited’s team of certified experts can create and optimize paid search campaigns targeted to your specific practice areas and location. We help craft compelling ad copy and choose the right keywords to connect with searchers actively looking for legal assistance.

Local SEO

Ranking higher in local search results is a must for law firms dependent on geographic markets. Our local SEO strategies focus on optimizing your Google My Business listing, Apple Maps placement, and other key directories. We also incorporate schema markup and craft locally-optimized website content.

Content Marketing

Quality blog content establishes expertise while attracting new website visitors through organic search and social shares. Marketer Limited provides content marketing services including research, blog post creation, and content promotion. Our legal content always aims to be insightful yet highly shareable.

Email Marketing

Regular email newsletters keep your law firm top of mind with past, existing, and prospective clients. Our team can handle creating aesthetically pleasing email campaigns, segmenting your recipient lists, writing compelling content, and analyzing engagement analytics.

Generating a steady stream of new potential clients for your law firm through paid leads services can significantly grow your business. Marketer Limited will set up and manage paid lead generation campaigns through platforms like LegalMatch and Avvo tailored to your practice areas and location. We only pay for viable, screened leads.

Analytics and Reporting

In-depth analytics are required to understand your law firm’s digital marketing return on investment. Marketer Limited uses Google Analytics, CallRail, and other platforms to track website traffic, leads, rankings, conversions, and other KPIs. We deliver monthly reports summarizing the performance of all digital marketing initiatives.

Support When You Need It

Marketer Limited becomes your trusted digital marketing partner. Our team of specialists is always available to answer questions, provide recommendations, and resolve any issues. We are committed to delivering ongoing excellence and results.

For a customized proposal detailing how Marketer Limited can expand your law firm’s digital presence, please contact us today. Our digital marketing services are designed to grow your client base and bottom line.

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