What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

what is seo

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method of enhancing the traffic of the website by bringing more visitors from online searches.

To do so, SEO experts perform the strategies of optimizing the website as per the guidelines and algorithm of search engines like google, bing, etc. once the site gets to a level where Google finds it more appropriate to rank for specific key phrases.

These traffic increases bring more sales and leads. Since we now know what is SEO, let’s learn its benefit now

What Are The Benefits of SEO?

SEO is not an easy task. It needs lots of research and smart work. But in the end, everything comes to values and benefits. So we are enlisting the benefits of search engine optimization, which tempts businesses to make it a part of the marketing plan.

Traffic Quality

Every query made over the search engine by the user is meant to have some impact on their life. Either they are searching for products to buy, or they are searching for terms to gather knowledge. Ranking the website on top searches can bring significant quality traffic. Every organic traffic counts when you are in the business of gaining search exposure.

Traffic Quantity

Being on the top slot of the search engines for competitive keywords holds the ability to bring vast sums of traffic. In SEO, there is a saying, more the organic traffic, the more the benefits. From the significant number of visitors comes a considerable number of potential customers and buyers. Search volume can be the most significant source of quality traffic.

Results Gained

Ranking on SERP does not only get us free traffic but also they are useful for making opportunities. In SEM or search engine marketing, the business needs to pay the money for every result, but with SEO, all comes at zero price. In fact, it is a shining example of a positive return on investment.

Mechanism of Search Engine Optimization

The biggest secret is how the SEO works? And to understand this, one needs to consider the working of the Search Engine. Because they are the first two terms involved in SEO,

SE for Search Engine and O for Optimization, which means the one who needs to do SEO have to focus on the aspects of Search Engine to enhance the website level to get in good books of search algorithms,

Some major search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, which regularly update their algorithm to give the best results to their users, And to cope up with the changes they made on a daily basis, SEO learning is a requirement.

Search Engine results are not some magic that comes up with the appropriate outcome for the searcher, but they have an AI working behind the scenes going through billion of information to give the most suitable reply to the query made over their platform.

Beating any AI is impossible, but working according to the guidelines and being authentic always brings the website on a positive note. Let us understand how google ranks a specific website.

Google search engine works via a procedure which is crawling, indexing, and ranking. Since this article is not about Google Search, we will make the description of the search engine work to the short.

Crawling: Search engine crawler goes through billions of URL, understand the content, and then move ahead.

Indexing: Once the crawler visits the site if the site passes the parameters of google listing, they index the website in their catalog to show them as the search result for relevant queries.

Ranking: If the search engine algorithm finds a specific type of content best enough to show the searcher, Google ranks the website on top of the result. More relevant results come on top slots and accordingly others.

Since we now understand how the search engine works, now it’s time to focus on the optimization section of SEO, where we make changes to the website and build an environment for the website, so that Google ranks the site higher.

Factors which effect website ranking

In this section, we will be discussing the things which matter in SEO are. This overview includes:

Making an SEO Friendly Website

Every business that wants to be a player in the Digital Battleground; needs a website and an SEO-friendly website. Because getting an SEO-friendly site is the best way to cover the initial steps of achieving the rank. From user experience to meta tags, all matter in a website that is meant to rank.

Content and Meta Description

The quality of the content is the most prominent and foremost important ranking factor for any website. After performing extensive keyword research, one should develop content that is not only informative but also satisfies the needs of the readers. Web page content to title tags contents all matter a lot in SEO.

High Quality Focused Topics

In SEO, content plays a crucial role, and the biggest question is, what kind of content? What topics to choose? Pages on your site need to have a focused topic that is target-oriented as well as keyword-oriented. Always include topics based on the most search queries in the niche.

Link Still Matters in SEO

Most of the recent learners of SEO may have crossed articles where they bash about linking and tell that they are unwanted and are traditional approaches. But experts have a different view. Building Links still matter in SEO, but yes, the process has changed. We need quality links, endorsing the website.

Even more, now we have separate kinds of links like do-follow, no-follow, image link, etc. Balancing between them matters. For example, people are far more into an image search, and getting your images ranked will also help the site in gaining visitors.

The collaboration of SEO and Social Media

Yes, we all know search engines and social media are entirely separate platforms. But to make things easy for website ranking, why not leverage the intensity of Social Media. Using the platform of social media for creating awareness among the audience becomes more accessible by sharing posts and links.

Can’t Ignore Mobile SEO

Today most website is responsive, which means that they work correctly on mobile devices other than desktops and tablets. Today, mobile device users have expanded exponentially. Hence we must target users who search from their mobile devices. Introducing schemas and markup text to the website can help in Mobile SEO.

What’s Next in SEO?

SEO is an ongoing process, and it changes with time. Its evolutions have shown us that it is dynamic since every search engine updates its algorithm frequently. It is keeping SEO experts on their toes to cope up with the changes made. No one can be perfect, but with exceptional assistance and simple tips, one can excel in SEO.

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