SEO Introduction

seo introduction

One of the most exciting topics in Digital marketing is search engine optimization. This SEO Introduction article will help you understand Search Engine Optimization. Here we will be discussing SEO fundamentals, SEO history, type of SEO, and all those basic concepts relevant to SEO.

The great thing about this article will be, we are starting from level zero. If you do not know what SEO is, at the end of the article, you will be taking a lot of information on SEO with you.

SEO Introduction & History

If we say about the history of SEO, it was introduced around the year 1991. And around this time, only the first website was made. But it was not only the first website, about 1991 following the first website, but once the internet gets popular, the number of websites also increased. The site was getting popular, so as soon as the first website became live on the internet, many other websites followed it.

Just because there were so many websites on the internet, those are in different fields, in different niches. It was not easy to find your kind of content. And to find your query, it was not that easy because there were are so many websites because of the searchability absence.

The actual problem was, there was so much information, but there was no structure to access them. There was a need for a search engine. Now search engines came into the picture. And search engines organized the information, so today it became very easy for us.

All we do is just go to the search engine input the query and get the result in the form of a relevant website. We can also admit that the number of sites we have today, or the amount of information we have today on the internet is too huge when we compare it to the previous years.

But still, at that time, there was a need for the structure of accessibility, and to fulfill the need for search engines, there were different search engines introduced, such as yahoo came.

The rise of Real SEO came with Google.

If we talk about search engine optimization actually, then the real SEO game started in the year 1996 when Larry Page and Brin Started creating the most successful search engine to date. Many of you have guessed Google? But no, the earlier name of Google was Backrub.

So the things do not start with the name Google. Things began with the name Backrub. Then backrub came into existence; it later became Google.

So Google was not the first name right. Backrub was the actual search engine when the things registered. When it got a domain when it got listed as the search engine, then afterward, it was changed to Google.

Now Google came as a search engine, and at that time, when Google came, there was a different search engine, but those search engines were not working on the algorithms. Those search engines were like ranking the web pages based on the keywords stuffing and all those things.

If you have a page or website, where you are putting 3-4 keywords in the heading, more keywords in the title, it was very much more comfortable in previous years to get your web page to rank. But after Google came into existence, they saw the opportunity, and they started working on the algorithms.

They started giving more value to the quality, which we see today. This is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization, which makes website pages have more quality to content, relevancy, and accuracy if you want to rank on some keywords. Then there should only be relevant content for those keywords with uniqueness and quality.

This is something on which Google truly started working. They started making their algorithms, putting all these things as a foundation. So these were the points that were the actual foundation for search engine optimization.

Definition of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the numbers and quality of the visitors to a website by improving the rankings in the algorithmic search results.

Google started working on algorithmic results. They wanted to show results based on the different parameters, which we have mentioned earlier that are quality, relevance, and accessibility.

So the basic definition of Search Engine Optimization is a process so we can increase the number of visitors to the website by ranking on Google. That’s it!

Now in this SEO introduction, we talk about SEO types; how we can do SEO? How can we do search engine optimization? How can we make the website rank? So SEO is such a vast topic where we can create tens and hundreds of pages to make a guide of what we need to do. Further SEO services Can be categorized into three main categories

Type of Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

These are the three activities that we do for search engine optimization to get our website or webpage rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) on a particular keyword. We want that if any searcher made a query related to our niche, our website rank over there. Further, we are going to discuss these three types.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO re-counts to the existing content present on your website. So suppose if you are making any changes to your site. These all involve making changes in the H1 tag, and Meta Tags, and while you are making changes, your focus is to rank your website on specific keywords.

If you are making changes to your website in your content, that is related to on-page SEO.

So every activity we perform on-page for the sake of ranking can be covered under On-Page SEO. From anchor text fixing to rewriting content as per keyword research, all are part of on-page activities.

Off-Page SEO

On the other hand, if we talk about the Off-Page SEO technique is creating backlinks, but for a technical definition, read this. “Off-page SEO helps strengthen the influence and relationship of your website with another website in your niche.”

Here we are talking about the relationship of the website, and its backlink justifies it. When we speak about Off-page in a single line, then it is actually about link building.

Technical SEO

Suppose that, if you are looking to improve the page speed of the website, something which is an example of technical SEO. Technical SEO also involves XML Sitemap integration, user experience, mobile device responsiveness, and website updations.

Other than this, Webmaster tools are an excellent way of understanding the results of SEO. Search engine like Google, Bing, and Yandex all have their kind of webmaster tool. Setting up the webmaster tool comes under technical SEO.

These tools often preview the search queries, which people search for visiting the website in focus. It can also be used to find out issues related to the site, which can harm SEO. From the quality of links to being mobile-friendly, all can be checked using the webmaster tool.


So in this article, we have covered

  • Introduction of SEO,
  • The History of SEO,
  • The protagonist of SEO &
  • Different parts of SEO.

That’s it! That’s the essence of SEO introduction. I hope this article will help you understand the fundamentals of SEO. Even more, this will help businesses in generating more high-quality audience attractions using search engine rankings.

Further, we have some more secret ingredients that can be involved in SEO. After the boom of Social Media, it has become an integral part of ranking factors. From keywords to image search, all influence generating traffic on your website. To have an expert views check, What is SEO, and How To Benefit from them? This SEO Introduction is an overview of  Search Engine Optimization and what is the history behind SEO.

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