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Finding a new home can be an exciting yet stressful time. With so many options to consider, home buyers often turn to the internet to start their search. This makes having an effective real estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy essential for real estate agents and brokers who want to connect with motivated buyers. At Marketer, we offer proven Real Estate SEO services that get your listings found online. We help you reach home buyers who are actively searching for properties so you can generate more leads and closings.

Feel Full Potential Of Online Searches For Your Real Estate Busines With SEO

Our Real Estate SEO services will help you get more home buyers to your website and listings. This will grow your leads and sales.

We will make your website easy for home buyers to find by search engines like Google. When people search for homes or agents in your area, your website will show up at the top.

We do this by things like:

  • Putting the keywords home buyers search for on your website pages. This helps search engines know what your pages are about.
  • Creating content like neighborhood guides and tips for home buyers. This gives buyers helpful info while also improving your SEO.
  • Building links to your site from other real estate websites. This boosts your rankings in search engines.
  • Optimizing your website for speed and performance. Fast sites rank higher.

We also make sure you show up when buyers search for real estate agents near them. We will get your business listed correctly on directories and review sites. This helps you rank well for local searches.

With an optimized website, more home buyers will find and visit your site. When they see your helpful content and listings, more of them will contact you. This will result in more leads and sales over time.

We will also provide monthly reporting on your rankings, traffic, and leads so you can see the growth. We will monitor and update your SEO monthly to keep improving your results.

Our real estate SEO services have proven results for agents nationwide. We are ready to help you connect with more motivated home buyers in your area!

real estate seo services

How We Help You Rank Higher

Ranking high in search engines like Google is key for real estate success today. Our SEO experts focus on three key areas to get your website pages ranking higher:

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization includes various techniques to improve individual pages on your website. Some key elements we focus on include:

  • Keyword Optimization – We do in-depth research to identify high-value keywords and phrases home buyers search for, then strategically place these terms on important pages like listings, bio pages, and location pages. This includes working them into titles, headers, image names, page URLs, and the body content naturally.
  • Meta Data – We optimize the meta title and meta description for every page on your site. These summary snippets are vital for getting clicks in search results. We write compelling descriptions optimized with keywords to entice searchers to click on your listings and pages over the competitors.
  • Page Speed – Fast loading pages are ranked higher by search engines, so we optimize all technical aspects like image compression, minification of code, efficient hosting, and leveraging browser caching. This ensures your site is as fast as possible.
  • Internal Linking – We interlink related pages on your site together using keywords to pass relevance signals between them. This helps pages support each other in rankings for buyer-focused terms.

With our comprehensive on-page optimization, we will dramatically improve the SEO of your individual website pages to improve visibility and traffic.

Local SEO

Local SEO allows you to rank well for searches in your specific geographic farm area. We focus on important local ranking factors including:

  • Google My Business – We ensure your GMB listing is completely filled out with engaging photos, videos, posts, and keywords. This is vital for local pack rankings.
  • Citations – We manually build high-quality local citations/listings on directories, aggregators, and other sites that help establish your local presence.
  • Reviews – We get positive reviews on your GMB listing and other review sites. More good reviews improves local rankings.
  • Local Content – We optimize your location pages and create new region-focused content targeting your metro area to establish you as a top local resource.

With our optimized local SEO strategy, you will gain visibility for searches like “top real estate agents in Portland” and other valuable local terms.

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from external high-authority websites to improve your site’s search rankings and authority. The types of sites we pursue links from include:

  • Local citation directories – These establish your online local business presence and relevance for your metro area. We build links from the most authoritative directories.
  • Real estate portals – Getting links from niche real estate sites like Zillow and establishes you as an industry expert.
  • Local news/review websites – We secure listings, citations, and links from high-traffic city guides, blogs, and publications.
  • Forum signatures – We participate in active real estate forums and include a signature link back to your site to score quality niche links.
  • Sponsored posts – We identify reputable blogs open to sponsored posts which allow a link back to your site in exchange for an on-topic article.

By securing authoritative backlinks, we will increase your overall domain authority, trust, and page rank potential.

Targeted Keyword Research

Our extensive keyword research process involves:

  • Analyzing buyer search data – We look at search volume and trends for related terms to identify high-potential keywords.
  • Competitor analysis – We find the terms your competitors are already ranking for to uncover additional opportunities.
  • Long-tail exploration – We find very specific long-tail phrases with highly targeted traffic potential.
  • Analyzing on-site search data – We look at terms being searched for on your site for additional keyword ideas.
  • Location-based research – We find localized keywords tailored to each metro area you serve.
  • Buyer-intent research – We identify early and late-stage buyer keywords based on intent signals like research vs transactional terms.

Our comprehensive approach ensures we find the most profitable SEO keywords and phrases to target.

Home Buyer-Focused Content

We create content designed to bring in home buyers, not just target keywords. Our content focuses on topics buyers care about during their journey like:

  • Neighborhoods – fun area guides focused on amenities, schools, culture.
  • First time buyer tips – how to qualify, programs, the process.
  • Relocation resources – for people moving to the area.
  • Buying process guides – what to expect, tips, checklists.
  • New listing spotlights – showcase your newest home options.

We focus on helpful, engaging content that also targets your ideal keywords. This attracts buyers while optimizing your pages.

Ongoing Optimization and Reporting

We provide ongoing optimization and reporting including:

  • New blog content on buyer-focused topics to continually build rankings and traffic.
  • Monitoring changes from search algorithm updates and making adjustments to maintain/grow rankings.
  • Providing monthly ranking reports to show your incremental progress and results over time.
  • Reporting traffic, leads, and goal completions so you can see the ROI of our efforts.
  • Identifying new optimization opportunities and areas to improve.
  • Adding fresh optimized pages and content over time.

This structured process ensures you get continuous improvement from your Real Estate SEO investment.

Affordable SEO For Any Budget

We offer affordable SEO services that work for different budgets. We can customize a plan based on the needs and goals of your real estate business.

For smaller agents, we offer SEO sprints. This is a one-time optimization to boost your rankings. We research keywords, optimize website pages, and do other improvements to benefit your SEO. This lower cost sprint can deliver good results.

For larger real estate teams, we offer ongoing monthly SEO plans. This maintains and improves your rankings over time. Each month we update content, monitor search changes, report performance, and refine the plan. With ongoing optimization, traffic and leads continue growing.

We also offer flexible SEO bundles that you can customize. These give you options like:

  • 10 blog articles per month
  • Meta data optimization for 50 pages
  • Submission to 15 directories

You can select the specific SEO tasks each month that fit your budget needs.

We don’t lock you into long term contracts. We deliver results month-to-month. You only pay for the performance we deliver.

No matter your budget size, we can build a custom SEO plan that generates results for your real estate business. We make expert SEO accessible for agents big and small.

Let us know your needs and goals, and we will put together an effective and affordable SEO package for you. Our team is ready to drive more buyers to your real estate website!

Connect With Motivated Home Buyers Today!

Our goal is to connect you with more motivated home buyers in your area. We do this by making your real estate website easy to find and full of helpful information.

When you have an optimized website, it will show up high when home buyers search for properties or agents in your area. Interested buyers will click on your site and listings instead of competitors’ sites.

Once on your site, we make sure buyers find useful content about home buying, your services, neighborhoods, and listings. This builds trust and keeps them engaged.

Helpful content like:

  • Step-by-step guides on the home buying process
  • Tips for first time home buyers
  • Detailed neighborhood and school info
  • Listing pages highlighting amenities and lifestyle

This shows buyers you are an expert resource for them. More of them will contact you for help with their home search and buying needs. We will also monitor your website analytics to see which content and listings draw in the most visitors. This allows us to further optimize those high-interest pages. In addition to SEO, we can discuss other digital marketing services to reach motivated buyers. This includes social media marketing, retargeting ads, email nurturing, and more.

Let’s connect today to start bringing more ready-to-buy customers to your real estate website and business. Our team is standing by to help you grow! Discuss your Real Estate SEO goals and needs at []. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you start connecting with more motivated buyers searching online right now.

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