How to write content quickly that ranks higher?

If you are into marketing, brand building, blogging, or content promotions then you must know the value of good content.

Every sales funnel contains powerful content that delivers the right message to the audience.

If you have a blogging site that doesn’t have quality content, then you will notice very limited traffic. Whereas blogs that contain high quality and user-preferred content will always have higher traffic and better ranking.

Content is the fuel of the internet, more quality content on your site will increase the price value of your blog/website.

Even in brand promotions, great quality content has capabilities to attract customers in comparison to low quality or garbage content.

The biggest problem a marketer or a blogger face is “How to write content easily that gets a good ranking?”

Producing voluminous and valuable content is not an easy job. It takes lots and lots of time and proper research to prepare shareable content that readers will like to read.

For a blog post that has poor quality content and bad reader experience, the ranking of the particular page will drop. Furthermore, the bounce rate and conversion rate will also deteriorate.

There are several tips present online which can help you write content. However, what special we are having here?

We are preparing a checklist that can help your write content more quickly without compromising the quality of the content. Hence read further,

Tips To Follow For Writing Quick Content That Deserves Higher Ranking on Search Results.

  1. Do the research and come forward with a reasonable topic

Every successful blog writer before writing any content often searches for trendy topics.

The best way to look for topics is to explore social media, another blogging website. Find out what other blogs are feeding their audience. If you find the topic suitable for your own blog, start writing content after doing some simple research like keywords to focus and perfect content length.

Finding a topic may sound easy but in the real world, they are very tough to find. You need to sit, relax, surf the internet a bit, go through social networking sites to find the happening.

Once you have done all of this, you may be lucky enough to decide the right topic on which you can start the work. Though some tools such as a topic generator for blogs can help but don’t just depend on them.

Implement your own thinking and creativity and decide the most engaging and enticing Blog Title.

  1. Add keywords in the content which has some search volume

While writing on some topic, you need to prepare a list of keywords on which you want Google to rank your blog post.

If you are writing a blog post on the best smartphones for the year 2020, then you have to target keywords like “Best Smartphones 2020”, “2020 smartphones launch”, etc.

I believe you may have realized the purpose of the above example. Create a list of relevant keywords to the topic.

One more thing while preparing a keyword list, find out their search volume. If keywords are not having any search results then adding them to your content may not be that much effective as a keyword with high search volume.

  1. Write Content as Per Customer Preference and Search Intent

What searchers are feeding into the search engines is really important to find if you wish to write an article that can get ranked.

You are not going to read your own content, you are writing it for the audience. Therefore think like them, ask questions as they do, realize what they need from your article. Then start writing the content.

Write for the audience, but don’t forget the search crawlers. Writing as per the audience preference should be the top priority but on the sidelines focus on their search intent too.

Write content in a manner that is useful for the reader and tasteful for search algorithms.

  1. Don’t be a storyteller, be a descriptive teller

Some content writer believes that writing a big piece of article can give them an instant high ranking on Google.

But Google is very smart now; they know which content counts more value to the readers.

Stories are good but if you are watching a movie, but when you are writing content for an online audience, write the facts.

Make the content descriptive, not too short, neither too large, just optimum for a reader. Some topics may need elaborative content, but not all topics to be written in a similar fashion.

When you decide the topic for your blog, check the competition online, such as blogs with a similar topic. Find out their word count and the other top 10 ranking blog for the same topic.

To be a genuine holder for the top 10 positions write the average length content in comparison to the other 10 already ranking websites.

Once you realize what to write? How much to write? The next big question is how to write? Because the way you write your content is the way readers and the crawlers are going to read your content. Hence

  1. Write Your Content in Modern Day Format

Every good writer needs to understand that there are some writing etiquettes which they need to follow. To become a professional writer and to quickly write content requires lots of learning and creative work.

While writing content there are some rules you need to understand so that your content doesn’t get blasted by Google.

If you write content on a WordPress blog, to understand the best way of writing you can add Yoast Plugin in your blog. Yoast is a wonderful tool that can guide you in writing which can rank easily.

Yoast suggestions are really helpful since they keep themselves updated with the latest search trends of Google.

If you are not having such facilities of Yoast, then also you can write a perfect article for quick ranking.

Writing in the proper format is a must for easy ranking of the post. Follow these below key tips for writing

  • Add Title of the Content in H1 tag, use a single H1 tag for the whole blog or content.
  • Keep the paragraph short up to the word count of 300. More than that can make the reader experience bad.
  • In the very first paragraph use powerful keywords and make them more engaging for the reader.
  • Use subheadings to divide your content for easy reading and understanding.
  • Adding bullet points to your content is a good way of writing.
  • Use bold and italic fonts to emphasize some keywords.
  • End your content with a conclusion at the last.

Pro tip: Use keywords once in title, sub-title, and paragraphs. Don’t stuff them, just add a few of them in the content blocks and even use bold and italic forms.

At the bottom line

We are wrapping it all here with a quick recap of how to write content quickly that can tempt Google for a higher ranking.

Google is always looking at the web world for fresh and new content, therefore while writing maintain the uniqueness and freshness of the content.

Make the content for the audience and not just for yourself. Write what readers love to read, and convey your message softly to the reader’s mind.

Don’t just write keyword centric article, write an information-centric article. Keep in mind that you are writing for the audience and not just for the crawler.

Last but not the least, maintain writing courtesy while publishing your article online. Prepare the content in a modern format that is easy to read.

Use simple words, don’t flaunt too much with complex words that force readers to look for a dictionary.

Once you strictly write as per the discussed parameter, you can quickly write content that may get eligible for easy ranking.

After writing your blog post you can further optimize it a bit more for getting top ranks on SERP. Check out an easy way of doing on-page SEO for your Blog Post.

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