Broken Link Building Strategy

broken link building strategy

Broken links are something that is not easy to find but with the introduction of SEO tools, they can now be found. Since here we are using a broken link building strategy, the very first thing is to determine the links which are no longer present on the given website.  For retrieving those links back, you need to have access to the webmaster of the linked website. Help them know about the change in resources and why they should create a separate link to your new web page.

The strategy of using broken links to create a new link is not something new, but very few SEO guys are using this technique. The number of broken links is growing because of the exponential growth in website technologies. Most of the website is redesigned them and in the process they let the links get loose. But there is a chance to retrieve them if you build a good relationship and execute the plans properly. If you are a link builder or linking building service provider like us, this article will help you understand the works of broken link-building techniques. Before that first know about

What Broken Links Are?

Links that are not working because of some reasons are termed as broken links. These broken links are the result of a non-working website, change in the webpage, or URL redirect. Sometimes there is a manual deletion of links which results in broken links

Way To Make A Broken Link Building Strategy

Going by the above reading you can understand what broken links are, now let’s move ahead and know how this Broken Link strategy work and why it is one of the premium off-page SEO activity.

There are three major components in the Broken Link Building Technique

Find Out Broken Backlinks

The very firth process in the Broken Backlink building strategy is to identify those websites which are having broken links. Check whether the domain is useful for your website and if it has a damaged backlink to a different website.

Create link pitches

The next which you need to do prior to finding websites with a broken link is to create content that fits the actual source. One must create content according to the niche of broken links. It must be a relevant substitute for the broken links.

Connect with the publisher

The last step in broken link building strategy is to connect with the website owner or the publisher of the article who has broken links present on the web page. Contact them online and request them to give that broken link to your created webpage having similar niche content.

As we discussed the way to make a broken link strategy the next segment will help you understand

Ways to Find Broken Backlinks

Since we now know the techniques it’s now time to find out ways of determining broken backlinks and where to find them.

There are millions of websites over the internet which may have a broken backlink, but finding the right one is the trick. For that, you need to apply certain logic. Filter out the website that is from your own niche or contains topics similar to your category.

Further, filter them a bit more and find out the website has a good amount of traffic, and the other parameter like Domain authority, page ranks, etc. are good enough. You can also do a competitor analysis and find out the website they are having backlinks from. Check out websites having damaged backlinks.

To find whether the website is containing broken links, you can use third-party tools like

There is numerous broken link finder website available on the internet, and most of them are free and easy to use.

Once you find the best-suited website for the backlink building strategy, the next thing would be to create content.

Way to create replacement content for the desired broken backlink

Getting backlinks is not an easy job now, you have to present something in return. Valuable backlinks require good content. And if you want to get backlinks from a broken link strategy, you need to find out a great replacement. For that follow the below steps

Check old content attached to the broken link

Use a web archive to find out what content is the broken link pointing to in the past. Read the original content. The Way Back Machine is the best tool to search the archives and find the content the backlinks are pointing toward. Read them properly, find out the sources present on the web page, and post.

Write good replacement content

Since you now know what content was originally present for the given broken link. As your content writing service provider to curate content accordingly with a fresher intent. If the article has some statistics from the past, replace them with the newer one. Your content must be presented according to the publisher of the website, then only it will get approved. Use important links and sources that can give some power to your content.

After you have the best content in hand, the next step is going to get in contact with the publisher of the website

Way to approach during broken link building

The best to approach is not the contact page present on the website but is to find who is the handler of the website or an SEO provider to the website. Figure out who is actually running the site, rather than finding details of the website owner. Getting contact details may not be easy, but you can use certain mail IDs and contact them directly or use LinkedIn to know more about the website and its owner.

After you decide whom to contact, you need to develop an engaging email template that explains things like

Underline the broken link and its harm to the website.

Mention the substitute backlink.

Explain to them why your content is the best substitute.

If you follow all the above-given steps, then you would definitely get the backlink you are needed. This is how a broken link building strategy works. You can start your link building process now or you can outsource your work if you think it’s time-consuming.

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