Actionable Guide to Start Your Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

Why should you be on social media?

A business without a social media presence is like putting a business in the middle of a deserted island in this day and age. Any present-day brainstorming session that involves digital marketing ideas would have to include creating a page on any social networking site. With the internet and technology dominating the world of marketing, sales, and building customer engagement, social media strategy is a pivotal element to developing your brand.

Social media makes it possible for you to interact in real-time with your customers in a more personalized manner. You get the chance to hone and project the qualities that make your brand unique from your competitors. Follower engagements in the form of comments, likes, retweets, shares, and hashtags offer a better eye on the overall performance of your campaigns.

But how does one venture hit the right areas of social media marketing with precision and finesse?

The answer is to build a solid social media strategy that suits your niche and target audience.

Your Social Media Strategy & Roadmap: How & Where to Start

Following internet marketing trends blindly without considering your brand, what you sell, and identifying your intended market is a no-no. It leaves a bad taste on your reputation. Customers will instantly label you as nothing more than a company that jumps into bandwagons with no sense of direction and questionable intentions.

That said, for a realistic social media strategy that speaks to your business, you need to do the following steps:

Define your social media marketing goals

What do you hope to attain by launching your business in the world of social media?

Do you want to gain more followers?

Do you want your brand to seem more relatable and enhance your existing relationship with customers?

Are you planning to use your social media page to promote a specific campaign, product, or service?

A clear definition of your objectives allows you to narrow your strategy into a feasible action plan. Enumerate short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are those that you can achieve in more or less than 3-6 months. Examples of these goals include:

  • Creating a digital presence.
  • Promoting a product or event.
  • Generating higher traffic to your page or website.
  • Increasing conversions.

Long-term goals take over a year to achieve. These goals typically concentrate on customer retention, preserving your business’s reputation, establishing an online community for your brand and followers, acquiring and building links to credible sites, and expanding brand reach.

Understanding your big and small goals is also integral in choosing the best platforms to help attain your social media marketing targets.

Conduct deep research about your target customers

Since social media is quite an interactive channel for people from all walks of life, it is just right that you use it to communicate with your customers more. Surprisingly, companies still don’t quite gauge the marketing and connective power that social media has to offer. They think that a promotional post now and then is enough to keep people interested.

One of the best things about marketing your products online is the chance to humanize your brand. You can create an image that makes your business more relatable and appealing. The more followers you attract to stay tuned with your future updates, the broader the range of helpful information you can gather.

Social media is a gold mine, from assessing your best-performing content to receiving reviews from genuine customers to analyzing in-depth reports about follower demographics.

Unmasking the users who engage with your content helps you produce content that represents not just your business but your customers’ demands and distinct persona.

Prepare a content calendar.

It is essential to have a systematic and cohesive approach to your social media posts. It would be best if you came up with well-thought-out captions, hashtags, blogs, graphics, and videos to go with your promotions. It is easy for a business’s image to crumble in a matter of seconds with poorly worded content.

Ideally, the content you post should be on-brand, and it should also be in touch with topics relevant to your audience. Think of it as your way of going beyond the external face your business shows to people in advertisements. Your content is the bridge that brings you closer to your followers and highlights the extraordinary qualities that make your brand stand out.

Schedule your posts beforehand so that it flows continuously. You can use online scheduling tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite; to make your social media posting more organized and manageable.

Conduct a weekly or monthly in-depth analysis

Just encompassing the improvements in your social media presence is not enough. It would help if you also drove attention to your followers’ engagements, competitor campaigns, and the progress of your marketing plan.

What comments do they post, at what specific times of the day do they react more often, which browsers and devices do they use to interact with your page.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce marketing website linked to your social media. Then pinpoint which social media posts led followers to your e-commerce website—doing so maps out the products with the most vital selling point when advertised on social networking platforms. Also, you get to funnel your upcoming promotions that will entice people to visit. Further, purchase your items directly from your website.

Take time to analyze your social media metrics to know what to improve on and which demographic needs further attention to generating more sales and customer interaction.

Social media has branched out into a multifaceted platform for boosting sales and ROI. Each platform has a distinct culture and “flavor” you need to understand to help you present your brand accordingly; whenever you choose to use any of these sites. Suppose you play your cards right through the process. Our SMM services can help you open opportunities to grow your business and take it to the next level.

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